Some of the Questions your patients may ask

Q.What does the Crowded Teeth mean?

When there is not sufficient space for all the teeth to appropriately fit within the mouth, Crowded Teeth happens. It is also called Dental Crowding or malocclusion and happens by a heredity condition. The size of the teeth may not fit the space available inside the mouth.

Q.Does this problem bring more challenges?

Problems caused by Crowded teeth are as follows: _It can cause chronic headaches, hard to tolerate. It can bring you malocclusion, misalignment or not straight relation between the teeth of the upper and lower dental arches when they get together while the jaws close. Crowded Teeth brings you uncomfortable breath. _It makes your teeth get an overlapped shape and causes nooks here and there. _Two other unfortunate problems rooted in Crowded Teeth are Tooth Decay and Gum Diseases both of which are among most unfavorable outcomes of Crowded Teeth. _In the long run, Crowded Teeth damages the teeth as enough space is a scarce there within the mouth. _Last but not the least, Crowded Teeth can cause TMJ Disorder. TMJ or temporomandibular joint dysfunction can cause pain in jaw joint & also in the muscles responsible for jaw movements.

Q.Q.How can Crowded Teeth be treated? What's the solution?

The solution is Crystal Correct. one can see the ongoing process of perfection soon Using Crystal Correct aligners,. The treatment solves all the above-mentioned problems and adds a new fascinating smile on your beautiful face.